11 killed in fresh fighting in Tana Delta as DO flees villagers’ attack

Thursday January 10 2013

By DANIEL NYASSY [email protected]

Eleven people have been killed in fresh fighting between Pokomo and Orma communities in the Tana Delta District.

Suspected Pokomo raiders attacked Nduru Village on Wednesday morning, killing six Ormas.

Fourteen-year-old Adam Goshi, who was awaiting his KCPE results, was among villagers slashed or speared to death.

The residents countered the attackers and killed two raiders on the spot, and two more when they pursued them to the nearby bushes. Another assailant died from injuries while fleeing.

Tana Delta police chief Richard Mukwate confirmed the attack, but refused to reveal the death toll, saying: “I can only confirm that there has been an attack and we are pursuing the attackers.”

The raid occurred 200 metres from a General Service Unit camp at Nduru and it was not clear how security forces failed to prevent it.

The villagers said the attackers struck unexpec