Kenyan firms deny claims of supplying fake speed limiters

Wednesday March 18 2020

Matatus pickup passengers at a terminus in Eldoret. Matatus are required to be fitted with speed limiters. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The Speed Governors and Road Safety Association is fighting accusations by matatu owners that they sold them fake speed limiters currently in use.

The association's secretary-general, Mr Wambugu Nyamu, accused matatu operators of being hypocritical.

“They were represented when the new standards were formulated. They cannot claim there is a cartel. In fact, some of them are manufacturers of the speed governors they currently have so they cannot claim they are fake,” Mr Nyamu said.

Earlier this week, the proprietors under the Association of Matatu Operators (AMO) demanded the arrest, prosecution and blacklisting of owners of companies that supplied them with the speed governors.

The claims came after the government revised standards of speed governors, with the new upgraded gadgets expected to be fitted beginning next year.

But according to the operators, it is just another scheme to fleece them in the name of replacing speed limiters.

AMO chairman Jimal Ibrahim wondered why every new Cabinet secretary focused on speed limiters.

“How much are they making from this business? I think there are cartels running this business,” he claimed.