Horror in class: Teacher jailed for life

Thursday November 27 2014

A teacher was Thursday jailed for life for slashing his pupil’s scrotum with a razor blade.

“I hope the punishment herein will serve as a lesson to all like-minded elements,” said Mombasa resident magistrate Geoffrey Kimanga as he passed sentence on Changoma Abdallah, a primary school teacher.

“The court decries the rot in society that now threatens to tear the social fabric into tatters and consign morality to oblivion. It calls for all education stakeholders to correct and act to ensure the safety of children in school,” Mr Kimanga said.

The teacher was found guilty of causing grievous harm to the pupil on January 21, 2013, at Bridge International Academy in Ujamaa, Likoni.

Other pupils had left for home and only two pupils were in school.

The boy told the court that when he reached the gate, his teacher called him back to the classroom and ordered him to remove his shorts and lie on the desk.


The teacher then removed a razor blade and cut his scrotum and asked him to dress and go home, the court heard.


A neighbour alerted the child’s stepmother after seeing him walk with difficulty, and in blood-stained trousers.

According to information in court documents, the pupil’s biological mother is mentally ill.

The stepmother alerted her husband, who arrived shortly and took his son to a local hospital.

After being discharged, the man took his son to Inukaa Police Station to record a statement before proceeding with the police the following day to the classroom where the brutal act happened.

The teacher had not reported to work that day and the court observed that he knew the consequences of his action, especially after the public turned up looking for him.

Police took a blood-stained desk as evidence and sent it to the Government Chemist for analysis.

In his evidence, a doctor said the wound was inflicted by a sharp object.

Forensic analyst Oguda George Lawrence told the court that the blood on the desk matched the one on the boy’s school uniform.


In his verdict, the magistrate said the minor’s evidence was coherent and entirely believable because he recalled the entire event in court.

The boy had led the police to the scene where the blood-stained desk was and finally identified his attacker, Mr Kimanga noted.

“I am inclined to believe the testimony and chronology of events,” he ruled.