Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones: What's the difference?

Thursday April 25 2019

An image released by WFP Mozambique before

An image released by WFP Mozambique before cyclone Idai made landfall. A new cyclone, set to be named Kenneth, is brewing in the Indian Ocean. PHOTO | TWITTER 

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In Tanzania, residents of Mtwara are scrambling to leave their homes as they escape the wrath of Cyclone Kenneth, which is set to make landfall tonight.

In North Carolina, efforts are underway to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Similar efforts are ongoing in Saipan, more than six months after super typhoon Yutu battered the Western Pacific island.

So why do we call one a hurricane and the other a typhoon?

And while we're at it — what exactly is a cyclone?


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