I'll write a statement that says 'nothing' - Joho

Thursday March 24 2016

Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho. PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho. PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Defiant Mombasa governor Hassan Joho on Wednesday bowed to pressure and announced that he would travel to Malindi to record a statement with police.

However, the governor read out loud to the public the statement that he plans to record at the police station about the violence witnessed during the March 7 Malindi by-election won by ODM’s William Mtengo.

“I am leaving at 3pm today (Wednesday) to head to Malindi to record a statement about the by-election. I have already decided what to write and this is my statement which I will record with the police tomorrow (Thursday), ‘I Hassan Ali Joho……have nothing to say. And that is all that I have to state’,” said Mr Joho.

The governor repeated the same statement in Kiswahili to the crowd so that more people would understand what he would record at the DCI offices.

““Mimi Hassan Ali Joho….sina la kusema…na hilo ndilo pekee nimesema,” the county leader reiterated.

Speaking at the Mikindani Health Centre where he received medical equipment worth Sh5 million from the European Union and DSW, a German organisation, Mr Joho said he was surprised that he had been linked to a robbery with violence crime.

“I thank God for what he has blessed me with. I am the governor of Mombasa and what I get is enough and I have no need to rob anyone and I am shocked that I am being linked to robbery with violence,” he added.

Police sources had said seven Coast leaders — including Mr Joho, could be arrested  and charged with robbery with violence over several incidents of violence and robber during the by-election, including the undressing of Ms Mary Mwanguo, a Jubilee supporter.

The other six leaders summon Monday to record statements are Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi, Woman Rep Aisha Jumwa, Senator Steward Madzayo, MPs Suleiman Dori (Msambweni), Abdulswamad Nassir (Mvita) and Agostino Neto (Ndhiwa).


“People should know that I am an ODM governor. If you don’t like it, too unfortunate for you. In Malindi, I was guarding votes for my party and preventing bribery and I am telling them that if another by-election was called today, I would repeat exactly what I did there,” Mr Joho retorted.

The summoned leaders were supposed to appear at the DCI offices at 10am Tuesday but declined to do so, saying they were engaged in other important matters. However, they said they would record statements on Thursday.

During Wednesday’s meeting at Mikindani, Mr Joho repeated that he was not scared of what he termed State intimidation and would pursue his ambition of vying for the presidency in 2022.

The Mombasa leader said that Kenya was a democratic country and anyone is free to state his position and vie for any political position.

“It’s only a class teacher that can keep pupils until the time he wants. In vying for the presidency, you cannot tell somebody to wait until 2027. That is why I will be in the ballot box come 2022,” he said.

The Wednesday meeting was almost disrupted after two rival camps engaged in shouting matches. One group was supporting Jomvu MP Badi Twalib and the other Jomvu MCA Karisa Nzai. The two have declared interest in the governor’s position next year.

“I can see politics in Jomvu have started prematurely and temperatures are rising fast. But I am urging whoever wants a political position next year to go moss moss (slowly) because that way they will have a big advantage over the noisemakers,” Mr Joho advised the rival camps.