Fast-rising blogger on a mission to boost local music

Friday April 27 2018

Katiti Kiteta is one of the first rising video bloggers in Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY


What makes you lit?

This is the question that is mostly on the minds of millenials.

A hashtag, #Lit360, has attracted a number of young people who are uploading their videos and pictures using the hashtag for a chance to be rewarded for simply doing what they love.

We met lit millennial Katiti Kiteta who has been using her talent of public speaking to become one of the first rising bloggers in Nairobi.

She made the decision to start vlogging with three main goals in mind — to make sure Kenyan music is locally appreciated; to let millenials know that they can thrive with choice; and to encourage young people to be successful and creative.



Her Youtube channel titled “Katiti and Kith” was bred by a desire to break the ceiling of communication that is the mainstream media.

“I wanted to have more conversation, because I felt that we millenials are put in a box; while the narrative being sold is that we are always angry or having relationships that are failing. Or that we are impatient and want things easy. Which might be true to a point but this is not usually the reason,” says Ms Katiti.

She started her journey as a broadcast journalist while still in campus when she used to host a show on the school radio station.

She was then selected to compete at a radio competition seeking to get the best radio host for a show aimed at the young generation.

Unfortunately, the station closed down before the conclusion of the competition.


“This particular period of time was my emancipation. I went looking for jobs in other local broadcast houses with no success, and that is when the vlog came to be. It was fun at first when starting the vlog but maintaining a vlog is not easy, especially when reality checks in and there are production costs that need to be met.

“Mind you at the time we were starting the vlog, my friend and I were both seniors in campus and obviously our parents were expecting that we were transitioning from depending on them to depending on ourselves,” says Ms Katiti.

We started hustling for ourselves and it reached a time when we were living off the vlog, it was paying the bills. But with every single episode we never lost focus, we made sure we would play a song by a Kenyan and credit the artiste,” says Ms Katiti.