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Kenyan woman in US ties knot in same-sex marriage

Wednesday February 21 2018

Manuella Mumbi

A Kenyan woman in the United States, Manuella Mumbi, (right) has tied the knot with her American lover in a same-sex marriage. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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A Kenyan woman in the United States has tied the knot with her American lover in a same-sex marriage.

Manuella Mumbi, alias Manuelle Royale exchanged vows with Lisa Webb Clay in a low-key gay wedding in the US.

Born and raised in Kahawa, Kiambu County, Mumbi is one of the few Kenyan women who have publicly revealed they are lesbian.

She is reported to be a businesswoman who relocated to the US to live with her better half before their wedding.

Lisa Webb Clay is an American model who hails from Texas.

She reportedly invited Mumbi to the US to formalise their engagement. Same sex marriage is illegal in Kenya but legal in the US.


No witnesses were present at the ceremony held last Saturday, except for the cleric who officiated their union.

After the marriage, Mumbi took to her Facebook and posted the pictures captioning them with a sweet message to her new partner.

“Unto us a day was given. Been a journey of love. Yes I do love you now and forever.”

The marriage took place at the local county offices that issued them with a marriage certificate.

Under Texas law, persons authorised to perform weddings include licensed or ordained Christian ministers or priests, Jewish rabbis, and an officer of a religious organisation who is authorised by the same organisation to do so.