MPs now support bid to halt doctors’ training in Cuba

Monday March 25 2019

Dr Hamisi Ali Juma

Dr Hamisi Ali Juma allegedly committed suicide in Cuba. The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union has called for immediate termination of the doctors training programme. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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The Health ministry is preparing to appear before a parliamentary committee, for the second time in a week, as pressure to bring back Kenyan doctors from Cuba mounts.

Some members of the National Assembly committee on Health have thrown their weight behind doctors by asking the ministry to consider relocating 48 doctors on an exchange programme if it is unable to take care of them.


Amid rising complaints that the doctors pursuing a postgraduate diploma in family medicine live and study in deplorable conditions, which may have led to the death of one of the students, Dr Ali Juma, MPs now want to know why it was important to ship the doctors to Cuba to study a course that is being offered by a local university.

The MPs argued that the conditions in Cuba may not be conducive for the doctors’ studies.

The committee on Thursday last week summoned Ministry of Health officials to shed light on the living conditions, stipend and salary disbursement as well as the doctors’ general well-being in Cuba.