Man wants Judge Mohammed Warsame probed, fired

Wednesday March 20 2019

Judge Mohamed Warsame

Court of Appeal Judge Mohammed Warsame. A Kenyan wants him out. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A Kenyan has petitioned the Judicial Service Commission to investigate the conduct of Court of Appeal judge Mohammed Warsame with a view of removing him.

In the petition filed before JSC on Tuesday, Mr Wardere Mohamud Bule alleges that Justice Warsame has breached the Judicial Code of Conduct through acts he considers as gross.

Mr Bule alleges that the judge, who is also a member of the JSC, has been in close relationship with Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi, and whom he allegedly assists in fixing benches to hear his matters as well as a conduit for bribes.

The JSC has been swamped with petitions seeking removal of judges, especially after the Supreme Court concluded the hearing of election petitions, arising from the 2017 general election.

Three other petitions were filed recently— two seeking the removal of four judges of the Supreme Court while one is seeking the firing of Chief Justice David Maraga.

So far, the commission is hearing complaints against 11 judges, two of them from the Supreme Court, while the rest are High Court Judges.

Mr Bule has promised to furnish the commission with details of the improper contacts between Justice Warsame and Mr Abdullahi.

He claims that the judge would receive bribes for onward transmission to his colleagues, to influence the outcome of the cases before the court.

He has listed a number of cases, where judges were allegedly compromised and the amounts alleged to have been paid.

“The petitioner prays that the JSC finds that the conduct of Justice Mohammed Warsame is in breach of judicial code of conduct,” reads part of the petition.