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I'm in great pain: Miguna Miguna's full statement from Dubai

Friday March 30 2018

miguna miguna

In this photo shared by Dr Miguna from Dubai on March 29, 2018, he displays a swollen hand after he was allegedly manhandled by police at JKIA, Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY  

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Good morning, afternoon and evening Patriotic Kenyans and friends of Kenya, wherever you are?

I am alive. I thank God for that.

But I am in great pain, stress and inconvenience. My left hand is still badly swollen. I believe that Jubilee thugs had inserted an IV in it to keep me unconscious for the entire duration of the flight between Nairobi and Dubai.

My left side is extremely painful.

I’m yet to get toxicology tests done on the chemicals the state thugs violently and illegally injected me with on Tuesday evening.

I wish to inform my wife, children, family, relatives, friends, supporters, well wishers and members of the NRMKe that I am still marooned at the Dubai International Airport.


I am waiting for my lawyers to communicate with me over the latest court orders and what steps they either have taken or intend to take for their enforcement.

I reiterate that we must ensure that everyone, no matter how strong or weak, respects, upholds and obeys court orders and operates within the rule of law.

Nobody is above the law!

Second, courts of competent jurisdiction have ordered the illegitimate state to return or issue me with a valid Kenyan passport.

I demand and expect full compliance with those orders.

I insist that my constitutional right to a Kenyan passport must be respected and upheld.

My right to travel in and out of the country freely must also be respected and upheld at all times, in the same manner that these rights apply to all Kenyans equally.

I’m waiting for clearance from the Emirates Air and UAE authorities and an air ticket back to Nairobi.

I intend to fly back to Nairobi as soon as possible. It’s my birthright, constitutional and legal right as well.

I will never waive my rights because an authoritarian and barbaric usurpers of power demand or expect that I do.

We must all remain strong, focused and fearless. That’s the only way for us to liberate ourselves and Kenya from the clutches of Jubilee despots, their surrogates and allies.

Dr. Miguna Miguna

March 30, 2018.

Dubai, UAE