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Miguna travels back to Canada from Berlin

Tuesday January 21 2020

Miguna Miguna

Lawyer Miguna Miguna. He has has travelled back to Canada two weeks after being blocked from flying from Berlin to Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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Two weeks after Dr Miguna Miguna was blocked from flying from Berlin to Kenya, the lawyer has finally travelled back to Canada.

Dr Miguna said on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon that he had ''no option but to return to exile'' after the government refused to allow him back following his deportation two years ago.


The lawyer had arrived in Berlin on January 5, 2020 ready to fly to Kenya the following day. Unbeknown to him, the government had issued a red alert, barring him from flying to Kenya or any other African country.

Lufthansa thus blocked him from boarding their plane to Kenya. Later attempts to board an Air France jet to Nairobi ended the same way after he was ejected from the plane.

A court order to compel the ministry of Interior to allow him back into the country was not honoured.



Meanwhile, government spokesperson Col Cyrus Oguna insisted that Dr Miguna would only be allowed back into the country if he acquired a proper Kenyan passport, a requirement that the barrister dismissed.

Miguna said he had decided to go back to Canada after the Immigration department declined to revoke the red alerts.

''I will not surrender. The struggle continues. Viva!'' he said.