Millie Odhiambo sets Twitter on fire as she attacks Uhuru

Wednesday December 21 2016
Law photo

Ms Odhiambo protests at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi on December 20, 2016. Controversy has become her second nature. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.


Controversial Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo has set Twitter alight in the wake of Tuesday heated debate on election laws.

Ms Odhiambo lost her cool as Cord lawmakers blocked the entrance to the chambers and launched a verbal attack on President Kenyatta on camera.

Standing at the door to the House, Ms Odhiambo shouted her head off, claiming she is better than Mr Kenyatta.

“He does not even compare to me, wacha (leave) Raila Odinga. He does not compare to me Millie Odhiambo,” she said.


She then went on to heap insults on the Head of State.


She and other Cord legislators were reacting to what they termed as “harassment by police” who mounted a heavy guard during the stormy session that was paralysed for over two hours.

Ms Odhiambo, who entered Parliament Buildings barefoot, hit out at the President, accusing him of using police to fight the opposition.

The MPs, who sang, danced and even challenged their Jubilee opponents to a fist fight, vowed to oppose changed to 2017 election laws by all means.


Ms Odhiambo leaves Parliament to Uhuru Park Nairobi for promulgating the new Constitution on August 27, 2010. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

And they succeeded.

They made good their threat and stopped discussion of the law even after National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi extended the special sitting into the night.

But their success maybe short-lived because Mr Muturi has since called two other special sittings on Thursday to discuss the hot potato.

President Kenyatta, one of the most-active African presidents on Twitter, the micro-blogging site, seems to have taken Ms Odhiambo's negative comments in his stride.


Ms Odhiambo is not new to controversy. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

As he introduced guests during the launch of the historic lighting at the KICC, ushering in the festive season, the Head of State said: “And on my left is the National Assembly, representing our democracy and the ability of some idiots in there to continue insulting me, but that is their freedom."

Ms Odhiambo trended on Twitter for the better part of Tuesday through Wednesday, with some Kenyans tearing into her as other praised her conduct.


‏@Isah_iah, for instance, said he was solidly behind her and her actions.

“If I had a girlfriend like Millie Odhiambo, I would marry and remarry her. Fully support her and other Cord MPs.”

Bea Samuel reiterated Ms Odhiambo’s claim that she was exercising her freedom of speech.


Ms Odhiambo shouts outside Parliament Buildings after she was thrown out on March 31, 2016. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

“Never be afraid to speak up. Millie spoke the truth and for that, the heavens will reward and protect her,” he posted.

On his part, Chris Anuro likened the ODM lawmaker to a village drunk who is never afraid of speaking his mind.


“Hon. #millieodhiambo reminds me of Agege in Imbuga's 'Aminata'. The 'village drunk' always spoke his mind and the truth. #KenyaUnderSiege,” he tweeted.

Elated, @kadra716, praised Ms Odhiambo for taking the bull by the horns as ‏@khaemba_job urged women in politics to emulate the Mbita MP.

“Kenyan ladies should borrow a leaf from @MillieMabona, power isn't given on a silver platter you must fight for it, Kudos Hon.Millie Odhiambo.”


Ms Odhiambo shouts outside Parliament Buildings after she was thrown out on March 31, 2016. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

But some took issue with her comments that were streamed live on national television.

They accused Ms Odhiambo of disrespecting Mr Kenyatta and the presidency and called for her arrest and prosecution.


“How can Millie Odhiambo abuse H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta? This is hate speech. She should be behind bars.” @Machukah posted.

Some political aspirants weighed in with calls for sobriety and level-headedness.

Mr Miguna Miguna, who is eyeing the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, accused Ms Odhiambon of perpetuating “ silly behaviour”.


Women supporting Mr Kenyatta's re-election bid protest on Kimathi Street on December 21, 2016. PHOTO | WILLIAM OERI | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

“Finally, election rigging will not be stopped/prevented by silly behaviour like Millie Odhiambo's. Let's act like intelligent people.” He posted.

Some tweeters went for each other’s throat over what they claimed to be double-standards.


LordGichohi  said, “Same people that call out Moses Kuria are now clapping for Millie Odhiambo... Double standards galore just another day on Twitter (sic).”

‏@waswahR posted, “Don't blame Millie Odhiambo. Uhuru called Raila shetani, Kuria called Raila Shetani and Ruto called Joho Academic dwarf.”


Ms Odhiambo is never afraid of expressing her feelings. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

‏@atanasi observed that, “The same people who demonized Miguna for insulting Passaris are all over Glorifying Millie Odhiambo for insulting Pres.Uhuru, Kenya for you!”

‏Others chose to sit on the fence and enjoy the drama and occasionally infused light touch into the conversation.


“So Millie Odhiambo escaped from Mathare Hospital during the doctors’ strike and nobody told Kenyans,” @OmbiroJane commented. 

And tired of the twiff, “Warembo wa Uhuru”, women in support of Mr Kenyatta's re-election, on Wednesday took to the streets to condemn Ms Odhiambo's remarks.


Ms Odhiambo before she addressed a forum on Election Campaign Financing at a Nairobi hotel in 2014. HOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

The irate women, who donned red T-shirts in support of Millicent Omanga, an aspiring women’s rep running on the Jubilee ticket, carried placards that said, “No, no more insulting our President. Millie Odhiambo, watch out!” and “Circumcise your big mouth, Uhuru Tosha!”


Ms Omanga said Ms Odhiambo should respect the presidency even if she doesn’t respect the person.

She also warned her that she should take her politics elsewhere. 

While many were taken aback by Ms Odhiambo boldness, her recent actions show she is given to controversy.


Mombasa Jubilee Women Leader Bi Zena Swaleh (centre) issues a statement on Ms Odhiambo's utterances on December 21, 2016. PHOTO | KEVIN ODOT | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

In March, during President Kenyatta's State of the Nation address, Gatundu MP Moses Kuria claimed she removed her underwear and dropped them on the floor of the House after Speaker Muturi ordered her of the chambers.


Ms Odhiambo and other Cord MPs almost paralysed the special session after they chose to whistle intermittently to express their displeasure with Mr Kenyatta's leadership.

In 2014, during a heated debate on security laws, Ms Odhiambo and other Cord MPs were accused of disrespecting Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso by pouring water on her her desk.