Moses Kuria freed on Sh20,000 police bond in assault case

Wednesday March 18 2020

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has been released from cell on a police bond of Sh20,000 following his arrest on Friday on an assault claim.

A woman named Joyce Wanja claimed the MP beat her up at the studios of Royal Media Services on December 8, 2019, where they met to discuss the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

She said she wants help from Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti and Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji as she cannot afford a lawyer, and in a bid to prevent similar incidents from taking place in future.


Mr Kuria was Saturday released from Kilimani Police Station and ordered to appear at the chief magistrate's court at 8am on Monday to answer to charges of assault filed by Kilimani police.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome said he was freed at 6.50pm on a police bond signed by one inspector Mutiso.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro tweeted, “Our tormentors have released Hon Kuria. This doesn't take away the fact that they disregarded court orders. Kenya has no more place for autocrats [sic]."


Earlier in the day, MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto, who visited the lawmaker at Kilimani, said he feared for his security and had gone on a hunger strike in protest against his continued detention despite a court order for his release.

Speaking outside Nairobi Area Police Station, where they went to see the regional police boss, the legislators said they arranged for 24-hour surveillance at the station to keep their colleague safe.

At the time, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wah said, “We have seen Kuria .... he is still at Kilimani. As we said on Friday, he is apprehensive about his security at the station.

"In fact, he has indicated to us that he has not been able to eat and that he is going on a hunger strike until the rule of law is restored and court orders respected."


Mr Nyoro, Mr Ichung'wah and other MPs claimed Mr Kuria's woes had to do with being allied to the DP.

They accused Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho of cracking down on political leaders perceived to be working closely with Dr Ruto.

Mr Nyoro said Mr Kuria's troubles began when he joined DP Ruto’s camp.

“It was then that he was told they would deal with him. They looked for scandals in the CDF and when they did not find any, they arrested him over something that happened over a month ago. Kuria has been arrested for the same reasons I and those allied to DP Ruto were arrested," he said.


The lawmaker further accused security chiefs of "being busy in politics and having no time to deal with issues plaguing the country”.

“This is testament to that position; that indeed those we have charged with our security, instead of being in their offices, are probably up and about looking for politicians and listening to what they are saying, or waiting for the next one to arrest."

MP Nyoro fired a salvo at CS Matiang’i, asking him to resign and become a politician instead of using his position to “terrorise” political leaders with divergent opinions.

“If he has decided to run for a political office, he must resign and be a politician like us. We cannot allow you to be politician and recklessly continue to use our security instruments to your own political end," he said.

"We are telling Matiang’i and Kibicho that we will not relent and that using police for political gains will not take them anywhere."


The Kiharu MP went on to say that they have learnt harsh lessons from a government they supported,.

Mr Nyoro said he and Mr Kuria celebrated when the government used police to crack down on opposition politicians and that it is now their turn to undergo suffering inflicted by the same government.

He said Kenyans on social media reminded them of their posts, causing them to understand what the opposition went through.

“People have said on social media that Kuria and I celebrated when the opposition was being tear-gassed. At that time, we were sycophants of our candidate, who is the president of this country.

"I have now learnt what the Germans said. If you see they have started with Kamau don’t celebrate because next they will come for Otieno. When they are done with a teacher they will come for a hustler [sic]."


Mr Ichung’wa asked the Judiciary to be emphatic and put its foot down to ensure court orders are respected, as the country is at risk of sliding into anarchy.

He said earlier, “The OCS Kilimani has been waiting for orders from above and to understand why the rule of law has been abrogated. We believe this country is governed by the rule of law, not the whims of an individual or individuals."

Meanwhile, lawyer Maria Mbeneka complained of increasing cases of open defiance to court orders and the rule of law, saying a dangerous precedent is being set for both the Executive and the entire nation.

“Just this week, we have all borne witness to the frustration and humiliation meted out to lawyer Miguna Miguna, in spite of the fact that the High Court directed the government to facilitate his entry into the country on January 7," he said.

“MP Kuria [remained locked up at] Kilimani despite a court order for his release on bail,” added Ms Mbeneka, who will in the running to become president of the Law Society of Kenya.