New proposal to end Ramadhan date rows

Tuesday May 07 2019

Muslims faithful have called for the formation of a national Grand Mufti office to help in resolving disputes among Muslims in Kenya especially during the start and end of the holy month.

“I support a proposal for the establishment of a Grand Mufti to resolve disputes over the start and end of Ramadhan. Countries like Zanzibar and Egypt use the grand mufti office which is mandated to issue a directive when such conflicts arise,” Jomvu MP Badi Twalib said.


Muslim faithful in Tanzania, Egypt, Burundi and Rwanda, Mr Twalib said, adhere to directives issued by the Mufti office.

For years, disputes have arisen over the start of the holy month, dividing the Muslim community in Kenya.

Some faithful believe creating the office will end confusion on the Muslim calendar.


Kenya National Muslim Advisory Council chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao and Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala are among top leaders who have been calling for the creation of a Grand Mufti office to give direction on such conflicts.

“The office will give Muslims direction and they will speak with one voice. As a Muslim, I urge my colleagues to pray and live in peace, let’s help the less fortunate in the society as we observe the holy month,” Mr Twalib said.

He said disputes arising from the sighting of the moon should not divide the faithful.


The MP urged the security department to ensure there is peace by deploying security agents across the region to enhance patrols.

“There are prayers at night and very early in the morning, I urge the security department to ensure enhanced security during this month. Water and electricity companies should ensure there is no interruptions during Ramadhan,” Mr Twalib said while opening Masjid Tawba Islamiya in Bahati, Jomvu.

Ustadh Mohamed Ali also urged police to ensure there is enhanced security.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Likoni MP Mishi Mboko are among leaders who took to social media to ask the faithful to take the opportunity to remember those that did not live to witness the blessed month.

“There comes a time when one’s body and soul need a reset button, to unwind and get closer to the Almighty, our creator. Alhamdulillah that time has come. The month of Ramadhan is a tremendous gift from Allah,” Mr Joho said on his Facebook page.