John Njiraini using KRA to settle scores, trader claims

Wednesday March 18 2020

A businessman who reportedly fell out with Kenya Revenue Authority chief John Njiraini wants the agency barred from seeking tax arrears from him.

In a case filed at the High Court on Monday, Mr Njama Wambugu accused the Commissioner-General of using his office to frustrate him following a shareholding dispute at Space and Style company.

He said KRA has written him four tax demand letters, directing him to provide a bank guarantee that he would settle the amounts.

Mr Wambugu claimed the demand was a calculated move engineered by Mr Njiraini and a Ms Winfrida Wanjiku Ngumi, "who is our business partner".

“Mr Wambugu has been tax compliant for the period of the alleged inquiry,” his lawyer Nelson Havi said.

“Mr Njiraini has resorted to the misuse of KRA to put pressure on Mr Wambugu to forego his legitimate claim in the company.”

Mr Njiraini’s interest in the firm is held through a Hong Kong-registered company called Decamis Limited.

Mr Wambugu said the fallout between Ms Ngumi and Mr Njiraini, on one hand, and with him on the other, is over a failed attempt by the Commissioner-General to take over majority control of the company without paying him an agreed Sh225 million

for the transfer of his shares.