No need for mass yellow fever vaccinations, City Hall says

Friday March 18 2016

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City Hall says there is no need for mass vaccinations over yellow fever despite a confirmation of a second victim.

Health County Executive Committee member Bernard Muia said the disease does not pose a big threat to Kenyans.

Last month 3,800 travellers were vaccinated against the disease.

He said, however, that they have fumigated parts of Eastleigh where the first victim died and also South C where the second victim is recuperating.

He says the family of the second victim has been informed on how they can avoid getting infected.


He urged Nairobi residents to sleep under treated mosquito nets and apply mosquito repellent during the day to avoid infection.

"The mosquitoes that carry the virus bites during the day and it's better to prevent the disease since its incurable, "said Mr Muia.

He added the county would set aside some budget to help in preventing further spread.

Mr Muia urged the residents to clear mosquito breeding areas by ensuring that stagnant water is drained and bushes cleared.