Pastor in Sh4m theft case kicked out of Owuor ministry

Friday June 24 2016

National Council of Bishops of Repentance and Holiness Ministry seating in Nairobi has resolved to excommunicate Reverend Evelyne Adhiambo Opondo after she allegedly defrauded the ministry.

Speaking to the Saturday Nation after the meeting in Nairobi’s Riverside head office, 'Prophet' David Owuor, said that the ministry has to go a long way to reaffirm its position of zero tolerance to sin.

“I would like to inform the public and followers that the said person ceases to be a pastor and an agent of the our ministry with immediate effect.  As you know our ministry will not like to be associated with dishonesty, as this amounts to sinning in the church,” Dr Owuor affirmed.

Reverend Opondo of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry Dagoretti Corner Altar in Nairobi is said to have allegedly obtained Sh4,932,200 from Kings’ Outreach Church.

She is accused to have pretended that she would help the complainant register the church countrywide.

She denied the charge and was freed on a Sh2 million bond with an alternative cash bail of Sh500,000.


The case will be heard on August 23.

(Editing Joel Muinde)