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Kenyan politicians and policemen are least trusted people

Thursday May 8 2014

A police officer at a crime scene in Nairobi. PHOTO | FILE

A police officer at a crime scene in Nairobi. PHOTO | FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

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Corruption is to blame for the low trust in Kenyan politicians and police officers, an international report by a market research firm says.

The report by the Germany-based firm GfK Verein titled Global Study on Trust in Professions 2014 says only 16 per cent of Kenyans trust politicians.

Police officers occupy the second last position with 25 per cent of the respondents saying they trust them.

State or state-related professional groups are the least trusted, with the report indicating that corruption may be a factor for the state of affairs.

Transparency International says Kenya’s corruption perception index (CPI) for 2012 is 27, which means corruption is perceived to be high.

“The clearly perceived corruption in Kenya is probably a trigger for the deep mistrust in a majority of the state or state-related professional groups,” the report says.

In the survey, around 28,000 interviews were carried out in 25 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia/Pacific region and Africa.

Those questioned represent 2.2 billion people worldwide.


The trust of the population was ascertained in 32 different professional groups with Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa as the only countries in Africa surveyed. In Kenya, 1,030 respondents participated.

GfK Verein found that only workers in the top five categories scored more that 80 per cent in Kenya, with those in the medical profession emerging as the most trusted.

Doctors top the list at 87 per cent followed by nurses at 86 per cent. Teachers take the fourth position at 84 per cent with pilots completing the list of the top five at 82 per cent.

Those who take the tail include politicians, policemen, mayors, lawyers and insurance agents in that order.

Men of the cloth who include pastors and priests are at 58 per cent. Journalists enjoy a slightly higher trust at 71 per cent.

In other countries in Africa that participated, farmers are the most trusted in Nigeria at 84 per cent compared to Kenya where they take position three at the same percentage.

Just like in Kenya, politicians and policemen in South Africa are ranked lowly because of the high levels of corruption in their country. The CPI for Nigeria is also 27.

Likewise, doctors in South Africa take the first position while politicians are last.