Sharon Otieno’s parents speak of life after killing

Wednesday January 02 2019

Ms Melida Auma and Douglas Otieno in a pensive mood during the burial of their daughter Sharon Otieno in Magare village, Homa Bay County, on October 19, 2018. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A huge mound of soil still covers the grave of Sharon Otieno. Some weeds have however started growing and flowers placed on it during her burial about three months ago are now long withered.

Besides this grave is that of her seven-month-old foetus. It is overgrown by grass and weeds, just four months after it was interred.

Her family says reality is now sinking, and the grave is a constant reminder that she will never be back.

Ms Otieno, a Rongo University student, was killed in a most gruesome manner, her death shaking the nation because of the high-profile persons suspected to have been involved.

Migori Governor Okoth Obado was charged with the murder and was released on a Sh5 million bail by High Court Judge Jessie Lesiit.



His co-accused - Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero -who are his personal aides, were however denied bail.

Mr Obado admitted that the slain university student was his girlfriend but denied any role in her death.

Government scientists confirmed that the baby boy ripped from Ms Otieno’s womb was Mr Obado’s.

The foetus died after the mother was stabbed eight times while seven months pregnant.

A postmortem report indicated that the fatal blow to the baby was a single knife stab through the 26-year-old’s abdomen.

“There are 99.99+pc chances that Zacharia Okoth Obado is the biological father of the donor of the DNA generated from the foetus, that is Sharon Belyne Otieno’s child,” the detectives said.


For about two months before her burial, her name remained on many Kenyans' lips, but this died soon after her remains were interred at her grandfather’s homestead in Magare village, Homa Bay County.

Ms Melida Auma and Douglas Otieno, Sharon’s parents, are worried that their daughter’s macabre death could just be forgotten so easily.

Ms Auma has since developed high blood pressure, effects of not being able to withstand painful memories of her first born child.

“My daughter’s death should not be in vain. It aches our hearts that things suddenly went silent, but we hope justice will finally be done and her killers will be made to pay for their sins,” Ms Auma said.

She criticises Mr Obado for asking Kenyans to pray for him.

“Who is praying for us especially Sharon’s orphaned children? Why should he be prayed for before after us? Our spirits are still very low and we are left to wonder why he did not call for prayers for a girl he claimed to have loved,” she said.


Mr Obado had in November asked Christians across the country to pray for him, saying it is like he is walking on fire.

The county chief further said it is like he had been thrown inside a crocodile’s mouth.

Speaking in Nyabururu Catholic parish in Kisii County during a funds drive in November, Mr Obado said the prayers would help remove him “from the crocodile’s mouth”.

He has reduced the talk after he was re-arrested in connection with guns found in his Migori and Nairobi homes by detectives.

Sharon’s father says her first born child’s death still puzzles him.

“I usually wake up early at times at 4am to just go visit her grave. It satisfies me to know she and her baby lie beneath the soil,” Mr Otieno said.


But his wife has not visited the grave site after the burial as it pains her.

Ms Otieno and Mr Oduor were kidnapped but the journalists managed to jump out of their abductor’s moving car and incurred serious injuries.

Sharon left behind three children, with the last born in Standard Six.

The family says they have been receiving "funny" visitors who think they were given money by well-wishers.

“We wish to tell Kenyans that we do not have any money with us and those visiting us with ill motives should stop,” Ms Auma, who adds that some con people had already made away with over Sh40,000, said.