Police to charge Mike Sonko with assault

Saturday December 07 2019

Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko will spend his second night in police cells on Saturday as the National Police Service announced that they will prefer assault and other related charges against the governor for obstructing lawful arrest.

“During the arrest he became abusive, unruly and violent in an attempt to resists arrest hence obstructing police officers from the lawful execution of their duties. In the process, he assaulted and injured the senior police officer leading the team and damaged media equipment,” Police spokesperson Charles Owino said in a statement on Saturday.


During his arrest, the governor and a group he was travelling with unsuccessfully tried to free him by battling police who had apprehended him as he tried to run from justice.

The Nation has established that six police officers were injured during the melee including Coast Region Police Commander Rashid Yakub.

Mr Owino further warned members of the public against getting involved in protests over the arrest of the city boss.


“We would also wish to inform the public that we have reports that a group of individuals is mobilising (people) to cause civil unrest. The public is therefore warned that persons intending to assemble, demonstrate, or picket must do so with strict adherence to the law,” the statement further said.

Mr Sonko staged a dramatic dash for his freedom early Friday morning, but a series of blunders by him and his aides made the run short-lived as he was arrested in Voi, about 300 kilometres from Nairobi, as he drove towards Mombasa.


The decision to arrest him was made two days ago but it took 11 hours of high drama to finally put him in custody.

He is accused of, among other offences, abuse of office, and faces corruption charges over award of tenders in Nairobi.

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji told a press conference in the city that Mr Sonko and his cronies presided over a corrupt system that led to the embezzlement of at least Sh357 million shillings. Following his arrest, he is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.