John Michuki's heirs battle for vast empire

Monday October 21 2019

John Michuki when he was Environment minister. CHARLES KAMAU | NATION


John Njoroge Michuki is widely acknowledged as one of the best performing ministers in former President Mwai Kibaki’s government, thanks to his no-nonsense attitude.

As Transport minister, he is particularly remembered for restoring order in the chaotic matatu industry by introducing the famous “Michuki Rules”, which required all public service vehicles to install speed governors, fit passenger safety belts and operate in clearly defined routes as well as carry a stipulated number of passengers.

He was an astute businessman, too. When he breathed his last, he was worth billions of shillings. His assets included several parcels of land, shares in various companies and ownership of several buildings, including Cargen House along Harambee Avenue in Nairobi.

Perhaps the best-known business he founded was the luxurious Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, a Victorian-style recreation facility located in Nairobi’s upmarket Ridgeways Estate, which he began building in 1988. It sits on more than 200 acres.

When he passed away at the Aga Khan Hospital due to a heart attack, his wife, Josephine Watiri, who was actively involved in running their businesses and also supported his political career, took over the reins. Six months later, however, she too died. With her death, the couple’s six children began fighting over the enormous wealth left behind.

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