These are the most wanted terror suspects

Friday June 19 2015

Photographs of 38 Al-Shabaab terrorists believed to have taken part in the abortive raid on a military camp in Lamu have been released.

The suspects include a German national.

In addition to those killed in the Lamu attack, it is believed many of them sustained injuries during the fight with Kenya Defence Forces soldiers at Baure last Sunday. The public has been asked to be on the lookout and report their whereabouts to the police.


A dispatch by the Interior ministry said they all belonged to Jeshi la Ayman, an Al-Shabaab unit that operated in Boni Forest near the Somalia border before its leader, Issa Luqman Osman, was killed in the failed raid.

“These fighters are on the run and not unidentified as yet. They are most likely injured and may seek medical attention. The public is requested to share any information that they could have,” the dispatch read.


But it identifies the German, who uses several aliases, including Andreas, Ahmed Khaled, Muller Martin Muller, and Abu Nusaibah.

The German was seconded to Al-Shabaab by its affiliate Al-Qaeda in Pakistan in 2011.

The 42-year-old comes from Cochem, Germany.

“The subject is a German citizen based in Somalia and is a member of Al-Qaeda. He is believed to have gone to Somalia in late 2011. In 2012, it was reported that he was planning to bomb an unknown target,” according to the report.

It added: “He is one of the few Western foreign fighters in Al-Shabaab, who survived Ahmed Godane’s purge. There are indications that he could have been involved in the Mpeketoni attack of June 2014. He is currently on the run, probably injured.”

Godane was Al-Shabaab’s supreme leader until September last year, when he was killed in a drone attack by the United States. He had little tolerance for foreign fighters whom he felt challenged his authority.

Ramadhan Kioko, who also calls himself Abu Nuseiba alias Pinji, is also wanted by the police.

The report says that he was a “notorious pickpocket in the streets of Nairobi”, when he lived in the Majengo slums, before joining Al-Shabaab.

“He went to Somalia in 2008 during the inception of Al-Shabaab. He is battle-hardened as he has frequently fought at the frontline. In 2012, he managed to get his 10-year-old son to join him in Somalia where the poor boy—now aged 13 - still is. He is married to Hawa, who is also in Somalia, making them a complete family of Al-Shabaab militants, a rare situation in terrorism circles,” it adds. He was nicknamed “Pinji”, when he was a pickpocket.

Eighteen Al-Shabaab terrorists, including Englishman Thomas Evans were killed during the Lamu incident on Sunday.