Cyclone Kenneth: Threat lessens in southern Tanzania

Thursday April 25 2019

The authorities in the southern Tanzanian town of Mtwara have said residents can return to their homes as the prospect of the place being in the path of Cyclone Kenneth has lessened.

Regional Commissioner Gelasius Byakanwa has said that he does not anticipate a major catastrophe as a result of the cyclone.

He told the press that a Regional Safety and Security Committee met and reviewed the conditions. He promised to issue an alert warning in case there is any change in intensity.

"We were informed that by 15:00 local time that the wind was supposed to move at speeds of 140km/h but after monitoring with our equipment we have observed that it is moving at 50km/h.

"The dark and heavy clouds have also cleared. And the rains have passed. That has informed [our decision] to allow the residents to go back home and carry on with their daily activities."

It appears that the predicted path of the cyclone may have shifted more to northern Mozambique.