Two men killed by elephant as they pose for photos

Thursday April 24 2014

A picture of elephants. Two men were trampled to death by an elephant in Kiptagich area, Nakuru County as they attempted to take photographs while touching its trunk and tusks on April 24,2014. PHOTO/FILE

An attempt by two men to take photographs while touching an elephant’s trunk and tusks turned tragic when the beast suddenly turned against them and trampled them to death.

Leornad Tonui and Michael Shikuku had spotted the elephant resting in Kiptagich forest in Nakuru and they promptly fished out their mobile phones to take photos in turns.

“They got excited and started touching it as they snapped away and it suddenly whipped the two with its trunk sending them sprawling to the grounds. It trampled on them angrily before heading into the forest to collect twigs to 'bury’ the two,” Kuresoi South OCPD Mr, David Wambua.

The elephant was gunned by Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service rangers.

Mr Wambua cautioned area residents against playing with wild animals saying it was dangerous.

Nakuru County deputy governor Mr. Joseph Rutto mourned the death of the two teenagers and blamed KWS for not taking the matter seriously as this was not the first time people are killed or injured by jumbos.


“The Kenya Wildlife Service should be serious with this issue as this is not the first time for us to experience this. Action has to be taken so that we do not continue witnessing losses of lives and property.” Said Mr. Rutto