US airstrikes in Somalia kill 6 Al-Shabaab fighters

Thursday January 10 2019

The United States military says it has carried out three airstrikes in Somalia since Sunday that have killed six Al-Shabaab militants. 

In a statement, the US African Command (US Africom) said it carried out the Tuesday airstrike targeting a camp near Yaaq Braawe in southern Somalia. 

“The Al-Shabaab encampment served as staging area for terrorists in the area,” said Africom.

Two airstrikes on Monday, US Africom, said were carried out in self-defence after Al-Shabaab militants engaged them near Baqdaad. Four of the six terrorists died in the Monday attack.

The US military said no civilians were injured or killed during the airstrike.

The Al-Qaeda linked-group, the US military says, uses safe havens in southern and central Somalia to plot terrorist attacks, steal humanitarian aid, extort local populace and shelter extremists.​