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Sheikh claims Somalia’s Islamic courts have collapsed

Thursday September 25 2008


Sheikh Abdurahim Issa Addow, the spokesman of the Union of the Islamic Courts (UIC) has rejected a statement from a senior Islamist militia leader that UIC no longer exists in Somalia and has been replaced by more determined Islamist groups.

Sheikh Addow was responding to remarks from Sheikh Mohamed Mohamud Dulyadayn, leader of the Islamist fighters who attacked the peacekeepers serving the African Union Mission in Somalia, Amisom, on Tuesday night.

Sheikh Dulyadayn insisted that his militia fought the Amisom contingent from Uganda and achieved success.

He said that the UIC could not claim any involvement in the Jihad (holy war) against the peacekeepers at Km 4 Roundabout in Southern Mogadishu.

He gave the entire credit to a group named as Ras Kamboni Brigade, which hails from Lower Juba region, next to the Kenyan border.