Ethiopia's electoral agency sets tentative date for elections

Wednesday January 15 2020

Ethiopians are set to go to the polls on August 16, 2020 in the first election under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has eased political restrictions and opened the economy since taking office in 2018. FILE PHOTO | AFP


Ethiopia’s upcoming general election will probably be held on August 16, the electoral agency said on Wednesday,

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (Nebe) chairperson Birtukan Midekas said earlier plans to hold the elections in May were pushed to August because political parties and officials need more time to

This will be the first national election under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The election board is still deliberating on the timetable of events leading to the elections and after elections.

According to a first draft of the schedule tabled by Nebe, the registration of voters will take place from April 7 to May 7.

From April 7 to 16, political parties will have a chance to submit their election symbols to the electoral board.


The registration of candidates is scheduled to take place between April 21 and May 4.

From May 5 to August 11, all candidates who will have been cleared by the election board will be campaigning.

According to the board, the results will be announced within ten days after voting.

Abiy was appointed by Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) after three years of anti-government protests.

When he took office, he promised reforms including a credible multi-party election in 2020