Museveni rule to end soon, says Besigye

Wednesday February 03 2016
By Editorial Uganda

MBARARA, Wednesday

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, on Wednesday said his rival President Yoweri Museveni has only a few days left to serve as President.

Speaking in Rugando Sub-county, Rwampara constituency, Dr Besigye said: “This situation of poor roads, poor health services, searing corruption and joblessness will all cease because Mr Museveni is left with few days in office,” Dr Besigye said.

The FDC candidate who was accompanied by FDC stalwarts in Mbarara, Mr Stanely Katembeya and Maj John Kazoora cited poor roads in Mwizi and Bugamba sub-counties where he campaigned in the morning.

He said the incoming pro-people government will address all these concerns.



Speaking in Bwizibweera Town, Kashari South Constituency, Dr Besigye told his supporters to make sure they turn out in large numbers and cast their vote so as not to give those who are planning to rig a chance.

“I urge all of you who are registered voters to go and vote because if we don’t, those who are planning to rig will use that chance to do it,” Dr Besigye said.

Dr Besigye campaigned in Rwampara, Kashari North and Kashari South constituencies before addressing his main rally at Booma Grounds in Mbarara municipality.

Here, Dr Besigye arrived to an ecstatic and jubilant crowd of supporters who had started making rounds in town at 6.30 am.

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Boda boda cyclists and taxi operators honked relentlessly, brandishing FDC colours.

“We must show our president the support Mbarara has for him so that he does not loose morale.

He must know that victory is ours come February 18,’’ said Mr Abdul Kayemba, a boda boda cyclist. At Booma, hundreds of others braved the scorching sun.

They burst in ecstasy when Dr Besigye finally showed up at 5.10 pm accompanied by Gen Mugisha Muntu and FDC national chairman Waswa Birigwa.

Gen Muntu said, “Let me hope that Mr Museveni is looking at what is happening in Mbarara today.”

He added that people should learn to listen to advice so as to avoid troubles and humiliation.


“We advised him (President Museveni) to retire with honour but he refused to listen, on (February 18) votes will retire him peacefully, God is good,” said Gen Muntu.

Dr Besigye also said he would free Gen David Sejusa.

“Gen Sejusa is a political prisoner today. Even if they don’t release him, still we are on the way to take government, I will set him free.”

Meanwhile, Drama broke out at the National Resistance Movement (NRM) meeting in Kapchorwa Town at the weekend after Opposition supporters, who had been paraded as defectors before Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda and NRM Vice Chairman Hajj Moses Kigongo, refused to hand over their party cards.

The group comprising supporters of the FDC and Go Forward had been mobilised by the district NRM administration to be officially welcomed into the ruling party by the top NRM leadership.