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Sunday August 19 2018

Mr Jimmy Taylor (right) after Ugandan police

Mr Jimmy Taylor (right) after Ugandan police arrested him on August 18, 2018 after viral video showed him assaulting hotel workers in Kampala. PHOTO | TWITTER 

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Police in Kampala have arrested a man identified as a US national on accusation of assaulting a Grand Imperial Hotel worker on Friday morning.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire identified the suspect as Jimmy L Taylor, who arrived in the country a few days back describing himself as a missionary.

“Jimmy Taylor, an American citizen, was a customer at Grand Imperial (hotel). It is alleged [that] he assaulted one of the workers yesterday morning (Friday). We were called by hotel managers and we apprehended him,” Mr Owoyesigyire said.

Mr Owoyesigyire said Mr Taylor is currently detained at Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) as investigations into the crime proceed.

Police have preferred charges of assault and the suspect is expected to be arraigned in court next week.

“We are investigating charges of assault and we are currently recording statements from eye witnesses. We shall take him to court as soon as investigations are done,” Mr Owoyesigyire said.


Police are also reviewing the video that was captured by CCTV cameras and widely shared on Facebook and other social media sites as Mr Taylor unleashed brutality on a gentleman who was manning the reception.

The victim has also reportedly recorded a statement with police, giving an account on what transpired.

In the video Mr Taylor is seen throwing bottles in the reception area as he rants, shouting out accusations at a man he says disrespects and hates Jesus.

He said Uganda, which he said he had come to help, also hates Jesus.

 His swearing language was dotted with expletives.

He is seen punching a man who remains restrained, folding his hands, only raising his hands to protect himself from the blows thrown by his rowdy attacker.

Another man, also a worker at the hotel, is seen asking Mr Taylor to calm down, and at one point Mr Taylor responds that it is the other man who needed to “calm up”.