Ugandan MP Ibrahim Abiriga shot dead

Friday June 08 2018

Ugandan MP Ibrahim Abiriga has been killed. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Ugandan MP Ibrahim Abiriga has been shot dead near his home in Matugga.

Mr Abiriga, who represented Arua Municipality, was killed alongside his bodyguard.

They were killed by unknown people riding on a boda boda at about 6:30pm on Friday.

Mr Abiriga was among the initiators of the move to amend the Constitution to remove Article 102b so as to have the 75-year upper age limit for the president removed.

However, his participation in ensuring that the age limit is removed was interrupted by a court case in which he was accused of urinating in public near the Ministry of Finance head offices in Kampala.

He was fined Shs40,000 by Buganda Road court for being a public nuisance.