Education ministry explains online Form One admission process

Sunday January 06 2019

Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang has asked private and public secondary schools to download and print their Form One selection forms ahead of the admission exercise that will begin on Monday.

The new order of admission requires use of the National Education Management Information System (Nemis).


The ministry said students will present their letters upon arrival for admission. The schools will then verify the existence of their names in the system.

Thereafter, the following process will be followed:

  1. Using a smartphone or computer, Principal or delegated person logs onto or
  2. Go to tab learner.
  3. Click on Admit/process request.
  4. Enter index number on search UPI/INDEX space
  5. Click search.
  6. The details of the student will appear indicating that the student is selected to join the school. If the student is selected for your school, move to step 7.
  7. Click on Admit.
  8. The student can now proceed for processing in other steps of admission. Admission can only succeed if the learner is in the system account for the school.

In a statement on Sunday, Mr Kipsang said the printouts will serve as backups in case of internet connection challenges.

In such cases, he said, schools should use the list and immediately thereafter follow the steps above.


The ministry earlier warned principals against the direct admission of students, saying it is an illegality.

It noted that only letters downloaded from the Nemis will be accepted.

Regarding the transfers of Form One students, Dr Kipsang reported that 36,026 had been made by Sunday following requests by principals through the Nemis.

The ministry sought to clarify that principals can only accept transfers by uploading student details online.

The students then wait for the approval of the ministry and thereafter download the letter from the Nemis website.

Principals are required to upload student’s details as per parents' request and wait for the ministry’s approval.

The approval of schools' requests is granted at different levels depending on the category of the school.

Approval for national, extra-county and county schools is by the ministry’s head office, regional coordinators and county education directors respectively.