All universities, colleges ordered to open career service offices

Wednesday March 18 2020

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has directed all universities and colleges across the country to set up offices of career services starting next month.

Ms Mohamed said the offices are mandatory for all institutions and will go a long way in supporting students in their career growth.

She said by end of the year, all the institutions must have the offices.

“The institutions will have to use its own budget to set up the offices and where necessary we will provide additional resources,” said Ms Mohamed.

The CS said 1million people are entering job market annually yet only 1 out 5 is likely to get a job in formal sector.

Ms Mohamed made the remarks at during the official launch of the office of career services at University of Nairobi on Thursday.

The office of career services  will offer academic advise which will include; assisting students in developing educational plans consistent with their life goals,  providing  students with accurate information about academic progression and degree requirement, thus allowing students to properly plan their progress, assisting students in understanding academic policies and procedures and helping students access campus resources that will enhance their ability to be academically  successful among others.