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Candidates to put their high academic achievements to the test through tangible projects

Wednesday December 12 2012

Julius Kones, URP

The former university don plunged  into the political arena for the first time in 2007 and won the Konoin parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket.

Dr Kones has a Bachelor of Science degree (Maths and Statistics) and a Master of Science degree from Moi University and a PhD from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, which he obtained in 2006.

If elected Governor, he says, he will ensure that farmers reap maximum benefits from tea, maize and the dairy farming.

“I will ensure that we put up a regional tea auction in the county to compete with the Mombasa tea auction and save our tea farmers the cost of transporting their tea to Mombasa, which eats into their returns,” the MP said.

Isaac Ruto, URP


A Bachelor of Arts Economics graduate of the University of Nairobi, he served in former President Daniel arap Moi’s regime as minister in the Vocational Training and Environment dockets between 2000-2002.

He promises to address poverty, unemployment among the youth, hunger and to improve infrastructure, health facilities and water services.

He also has value addition to tea as a top priority.

The future of the county, he says, lies in tea factories venturing into power generation to supplement the electricity needed for industrialisation.

“We do not have any industry, we rely on agriculture and that may not augur well for the new county government,” he said.

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Sammy Kirui, UDF

Mr Kirui is a lawyer who studied at the University of Nairobi.

He has served as director-general in the Communications Commission of Kenya, managing director Telkom Kenya and Local Government permanent secretary.

He worked at the Foreign Affairs ministry headquarters in Nairobi between 1990 and 1992 before being posted to Kenya’s embassy in the United States of America between 1992 and 1997.

Mr Kirui says his long years of experience in the public service will enable him to effectively run the affairs of Bomet county.

He says he will focus on education and health to ensure that the county has the required manpower to prosper.

John Koech, Kanu

An economics graduate from Makerere University, he worked in the public service for many years, rising to be a senior education officer before being elected Chepalungu MP in 1979.

He lost the seat in 1989 after he was expelled from Kanu. Mr  Koech, however, bounced back in 1992 but lost to Mr Ruto in 1997 before reclaiming the seat in 2002.

He served  in the ministries of Roads and Public Works, Office of the President, East African Community and as ambassador to the Unep.

He says improvement of infrastructure, value addition to produce, equitable distribution  of resources and construction of additional tea factories to check wastage of green leaf will be priority issues for him.

Shadrack Rotich, ODM

A newcomer in politics, he was a manager at the Association of Local Government Authorities of Kenya (Algak) before quitting to seek elective office.

Mr Rotich, who hails from Sotik constituency, is touting his leadership of Algak as a measure of his management acumen.

He says the association has thrived under his leadership, which has helped Kenya’s local authorities.

He says he is also in a position to understand the unique problems that Bomet faces a result of his work at Algak.

He promises to automate all operations at the county to maximise revenue collection and prevent corruption.

Clement Kiplangat Mutai, URP

He is a sociology graduate from Newport University in South Africa and is venturing into politics for the first time.

Mr Mutai says the county needs a governor who is able to create a thriving economy, which will, in turn, create jobs for its people without necessarily taxing them.

He says he will concentrate on the agricultural sector as the cornerstone of economic development for the county.

He promises to set up fresh produce factories and milk cooling plants to empower the residents economically.

Improving roads will also ensure the produce reaches markets in good time.

He would also champion the interest of people with disabilities.