Punguza Mizigo bill: Aukot goes back to the drawing board

Friday November 29 2019

Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot has announced that he is going back to the drawing board in his fight to amend the Constitution after his Punguza Mizigo bill was rejected by many counties.

Dr Aukot said Friday that he will launch a redrafted proposal, which he hopes will attract the support of county assemblies.

Many counties dismissed his initial proposal saying it recommended impractical methods in governance and the fight against corruption.


In an interview with the Nation, Mr Aukot said the new bill will incorporate the views of the county assemblies.

Dr Aukot said the bill will be people-driven and will outline radical measures in the fight against corruption and over representation.


“Our mission and vision to amend the current Constitution will finally bear fruits to address the overrepresentation, massive corruption in the country and strengthen devolution,” he said.

Dr Aukot said the proposal seeks to abolish provincial administration because “it is another layer of government that doesn’t help Kenyan people”.

At the same time, Dr Aukot dismissed the recently launched Building Bridges Initiative report saying it only aims to serve the political class. He added that the initiative is a waste of public resources.

“BBI is not pro-wananchi. It has divided Kenyans more than they were before the handshake and has brought harmful competition among the political parties,” he said.

He added: “It seeks to undermine constitutional commissions like the IEBC than strengthening them.”

He also poked holes at the report for recommending reintroduction of a premier position saying A Prime Minister seat erodes the gains made in the 2010 Constitution.

His first proposal to amend the Constitution hit a dead end after it was rejected by more than 24 counties. Only Uasin Gishu and West Pokot county assemblies approved the proposal.

Dr Aukot blamed the bill’s collapse on propaganda, alleged bribery of ward representatives and a hostile campaign waged by major political players.