BBI rallies exclusive, used to spread hate, says Martha Karua

Friday February 28 2020

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua has rubbished the manner in which Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rallies have been organised, saying they have become exclusive and are being used to spread hate.

Addressing the media at her party headquarters in Nairobi, Ms Karua said the divisive remarks must stop and Kenyans allowed to ventilate on the report unhindered.

“The rallies so far have given the impression that unless [people] support the whole of the BBI, they are not welcome and are considered enemies," she said on Thursday.

"The recent Narok rally took ethnic intolerance a notch higher and the fact that the BBI drivers at the rally did not seek to set the record straight there and then is not only unhealthy but also suggests that they were at peace with those divisive and unconstitutional remarks."



Ms Karua said majority of those who attended the rally may not know that anyone ever disapproved of the remarks and may accept them as the new norm.

“It is every individual’s right to be part of the process irrespective of support,” she told journalists.

“We must, as Kenyans. refuse to be blindfolded and bulldozed into supporting what we do not know about, or to be excluded from debating or participating in matters that affect us.”


The politician further said the meetings have not been opened to the public.

“There has been no public participation in the process yet citizens are expected to endorse [the report] without question," Ms Karua said.

"BBI town hall meetings are on invitation only. Organisers are inviting only those aligned to them and contrary opinions are not welcomed at the public rallies,” the 2013 presidential candidate said.


Ms Karua also spoke of the referendum, describing the idea by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for one to be held by June as a pipe dream.

“A popular initiative requires a million signatures, which must be verified by the electoral commission before debate by county assemblies before it can come to Parliament. Talk of a referendum by June is, therefore, a pipe dream,” she said.

The Narc Kenya leader also warned that Kenya is at a dangerous place, with the government is making “blunder after blunder”.

“Socially, we are alarmed by the increasing intolerance among citizens and their leaders. Politically, the season of madness and deceit is upon us, when demons become saints and priests fight on the side of villains,” said Ms Karua.

So far, the BBI rallies have taken place in Kisii, Kakamega, Mombasa, Kitui, Narok and Garissa.

A rally will take place in Meru County on Saturday.