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Malala: I don't regret backing ODM candidate in Kibra poll

Saturday November 16 2019

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Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has dared Amani National Congress Party to expel him.

At a press conference in Kakamega town on Saturday, the senator said that he was not apologetic for campaigning for ODM candidate Bernard Imran Okoth in the November 7 Kibra by-election.

Mr Malala said he would rather face a by-election than apologise to party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

During ODM's campaigns for Kibra candidate Imran Okoth, Mr Malala said he attended a rally on November 27 as ANC's "highest-placed leader".

He claimed that ANC candidate Eliud Owalo was Deputy President William Ruto's 'project'.



He described the move by ANC disciplinary committee to suspend him from the party as malicious and a waste of time.

“I want to tell my party leader Musalia Mudavadi that I have no apologies to make for campaigning for Kibra MP-elect Bernard Okoth in the November 7 by-election just as he did for ODM leader Raila Odinga in the 2017 presidential poll,” said Mr Malala.

Taking a swipe at the party leadership, he said: “The party had been hijacked by self-centred individuals incapable of accommodating divergent views.”

He said it was unfortunate that leaders with divergent views in ANC were being branded as rebels and moles.

Mr Malala, who accompanied by nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi, said the move to suspend him from the party was meant to humiliate him.


“I know there is a scheme to frustrate me but I want to tell my party leadership that I’m not afraid of facing the electorate afresh in a by-election,” said Mr Malala adding that he is yet to receive a letter of suspension from the party.

In a letter dated November 15, ANC Secretary- General Barack Muluka said the party’s National Disciplinary Committee had suspended Mr Malala from membership of Amani National Congress with effect from November 14.

He said the decision had been reached after the disciplinary committee reviewed Senator Malala’s conduct against the party.

“Senator Malala’s suspension is in line with Article 50.10 of the Party Constitution and Article 14 of the Political Parties Act. Accordingly, Hon Senator Malala will be given the opportunity to defend himself against the charges, to be communicated to him in due course,” said Mr Muluka.


But Mr Malala said he was not interested in engaging in a legal tussle over the dispute.

“I want my party leader to know that I’m not scared to face the electorate afresh, I’m confident of winning,” said Mr Malala.

Mr Osotsi said the time had come for Mr Mudavadi to promote tolerance and stop undermining internal party democracy.

“I have been harassed and frustrated so much by the party because of the poor leadership. The time has come for Mr Mudavadi to go back to the drawing board and address the issues that undermine party unity,” said Mr Osotsi.

The press conference was attended by officials and supporters of ODM, Jubilee and Ford-Kenya from Kakamega County.

The party officials said they were ready to back and campaign vigorously for Mr Malala in a by-election should he be expelled by ANC.