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Mudavadi faulted on move to form new party

Tuesday May 7 2019

Cleophas Malala

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala. He claims Mr Mudavadi could be working closely with Dr Ruto. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A section of politicians from western Kenya have faulted Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi over his move to form a new political outfit — Team Komboa Kenya.

The leaders allied to anti-Deputy President William Ruto — Team Kieleweke — said Mr Mudavadi’s new outfit will only serve to fuel confusion and disunity in the region ahead of the 2022 polls.


Leaders from the region have been pushing for Luhya unity in a bid to front a single Presidential candidate in the next election, but many outfits have posed a great challenge.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala — who is leading the pro-Kieleweke team in Western — said they will be meeting in Nairobi this week to set a new date for anti-Ruto rally which aborted last Saturday in Kakamega.

Mr Malala told the Nation that formation of a new political wing was a major setback to their plans. The senator said the decision by leaders close to Mr Mudavadi to come up with a counter wing was a clear indication that they were not for unity.

Mr Mudavadi was expected to be the main guest at the rally but turned down the last minute in what his handlers said was a ploy to "embarrass him" and force a reconciliation within ANC.

But Mr Malala said the rally was going to be a game changer for the Amani leader and noted that it was wrong for him to boycott the meet, leading to its cancellation.

"We are disappointed with plans by the Mudavadi camp to form Team Komboa Kenya. It is now clear that Mr Mudavadi is not with us," said Mr Malala.

On Saturday, hours after the rally was cancelled, Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi said Mr Mudavadi's camp is crafting Team Komboa Kenya similar to 'Kieleweke' and 'Tanga Tanga' to assert their grip.

Mr Agoi, a close ally of Mr Mudavadi, said the ANC leader held a series of board room meetings in Nairobi to cement the new team that will be unveiled at a different rally to be held in Kakamega 'soon'.

He said Team Komboa Kenya has the interests of Kenyans at heart and will be used to fight for the plight of Kenyans.


But on Sunday Mr Malala claimed that Mr Mudavadi could be working closely with Dr Ruto and was getting wrong advise from people close to him.

"The meeting in Kakamega was going to be a game changer for Mr Mudavadi. But now it is clear he is not sincere. He could be working with Dr Ruto," said Mr Malala.

He added: "We will now switch our focus as young leaders and steer the destiny of the (Luhya) community," added Mr Malala who noted a new date for the rally will be set on Tuesday in Nairobi.

Political analyst Joseph Simekha seemed to agree with Mr Malala, saying youthful politicians could be exploiting a vacuum that Mr Mudavadi failed to fill.

"This lack of political strategy from the likes of Mr Mudavadi who could have provided leadership for alternative views have made the Tanga Tanga and Kieleweke to dominate the national political space," said Mr Simekha.

He added: "They have shaped this space and dictated national politics as players who desire a big political role like Musalia watch from the sidelines."

He however, said it was not too late as Mr Mudavadi could still plan stealthily and act.

He said Team Komboa Kenya can pick up issues like runaway corruption in the counties and at the national level, the mysterious Huduma Namba project, the burden national housing levy, police brutality among other issues and build a national agenda.

He said the two factions are not focused on addressing the issues that are affecting the Kenyans and were only interested in the 2022 succession politics.

Reports by Shaban Makokha, Derick Luvega and Benson Amadala