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ODM democrat or spoiler? Mwaura tells of his ordeal

Friday March 14 2014

Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura flanked by ODM Party leader Raila Odinga and CORD principal Kalonzo Musyoka among other party members issue a statement. Photo/FILE

Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura flanked by ODM Party leader Raila Odinga and CORD principal Kalonzo Musyoka among other party members issue a statement. Photo/FILE Photo/SULEIMAN MBATIAH

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When Isaac Mwaura Migua attempted to join Starehe Boys in 1997, the legendary director Geoffrey Griffins turned him away, saying he could not admit an “an injured child.”

Earlier, Mwaura’s young life was a full tray of trauma; his father had separated from his mother saying he was not his son; the old man could not reconcile with the birth of an albino child in his family.

“He said I was not his son. I was brought up by my mother in Githurai Kimbo,” says the MP. Having studied in Special Schools throughout his life, Mwaura is quite sensitive  to any iota of discrimination — real or imagined.

From Thika Schools for the Blind for both his Primary and secondary education,    justice for all has been a major concern for this  young man.

He thus does not allow anyone to discriminate against him.

So when a secret list of the alleged winning team at the ODM delegates conference was leaked without his name, he vowed the elections would not continue.

“We were just about to carry out  a very undemocratic exercise. I did not know I was capable of stopping it. But  I was sure my opinion would be heard,” avers Mwaura.

Mwaura’s recollection is that the infamous list that replaced his name with that of Peter Ole Musei for position of deputy secretary-general emerged after a lunch break at around 4 pm.

“When I went to complain to the National Elections Board (NEB), I found some of them distributing the list. I got mad,” he says.

Mwaura was irked because he was a key member in the think tank that coined the euphoric “ Team Fresh” mantra that had propelled the Ababu Namwamba-Hassan Joho camp to near win.

“To edge me out was unacceptable,” he avers

So did he stop the elections under the direction of some big forces?

“I have never been paid by anyone to use me politically. If the list had not emerged, the polls could have gone on,” he asserts.

Since the polls debacle last weekend, Mwaura, oscillates around the tag of a hero or villain.

“To real owners of ODM, I saved the party, to enemies of ODM, I do not know,” says Mwaura. Everywhere he goes, Mwaura  steals attention.

When not in suits and shirts of different shades, he completes his style with a Mobutu cap. Other times, he shows up in a godfather hat or African attire especially the Nigerian type.

During his first year at Kenyatta University where he studied Special Education and French, he led a strike against an NGO that was exploiting  blind students at the university.

Seeking power is part of this Kiambu born activist.

He was elected to represent special  needs students at the students union, Kusa.  In 2005, he was prevailed to run for Kusa chairmanship but failed to capture the seat.


Mwaura believes he is a social democrat at heart.

In fact, his  journey to ODM, against the grain was triggered when he was introduced to ODM Secretary General Anyang’ Nyong’o by his daughter, award-winning movie star Lupita.

“In 2006, I met Lupita at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) when she was about to shoot her movie In My Gene. The movie was about albinism so I was helping her refine the concept,” he reveals.

He had loved Nyong’o senior and his retinue of Young Turks as he grew up. “I asked Lupita to introduce me to her father. The  rest is history,” says the MP.

He will still vie for Deputy Secretary General  in ODM when elections are ever called. 

Any ambition? “I will be vying for a parliamentary seat in 2017,” he lets out.