Ex-IDPs appeal to Murugi

Tuesday August 31 2010

File | NATION A woman feeds children in a camp for people displaced during the 2007 post-election violence.

More than 1,400 former internally displaced persons in Molo Town have appealed to new Special Programmes minister Esther Murugi to help them get compensation.

Members of some communities, among them the Rev Francis Nyambati, accused the government of favouring one community in the resettlement of displaced people.

“It is not to allocate one community huge chunks of land while others are languishing in poverty in the streets of Molo Town,” said the Rev Nyambati told reporters in Molo Town on Tuesday.

“Our people must be paid and given land as they also have lives to rebuild,” he said, claiming that the majority of members of a particular community were paid full compensation of Sh35,000 per household, while the other communities were still fighting to get their money at the DC’s office.

“Molo has many other communities which must be treated fairly in the distribution of the national cake in Molo,” said the Rev Nyambati.

He alleged that the government bought land in Managu, Mitoni, Kivulini, Highlands, Ngare, Gicheha farm in Rongai and Ngondu and allocated it to one community.


He said they were not bitter with the community that was compensated but were only demanding that they also get their dues.

“The government should realise that lasting peace will depend on fair distribution of resources,” he said.