Kamangu’s estate sparks inheritance row

Wednesday April 28 2010

The late James Kamangu Ndimu. Photo/FILE

The late James Kamangu Ndimu. Photo/FILE 

By NATION Correspondent

An inheritance dispute over cobbler James Kamangu Ndimu’s estate has boiled over after his widow said the sons of an assistant minister will not get anything.

Mrs Beatrice Mbaire said that her in-laws wanted Kamangu’s land subdivided into three parcels — for Starehe MP Margaret Wanjiru’s sons, for Kamangu’s son with his late wife and the last portion for Ms Mbaire’s son — but she will have none of it.

She said Bishop Wanjiru’s sons should not inherit the land in Gachie, Kiambu, since they disowned Kamangu before his death.

The widow said if the Bishop’s sons were to get any inheritance, they should first admit that Kamangu was their father.

A woman who introduced herself as Kamangu’s sister, said Bishop Wanjiru’s sons would get a share of her brother’s land because their father wanted all his grandsons to inherit his land.

She said they recognised Bishop Wanjiru’s children as Kamangu’s.

Kamangu became a media celebrity in 2007 when he claimed he was Bishop Wanjiru’s husband, having paid Sh3,000 as her bride price in the late 1970s, according to Gikuyu customs.

He said they lived together as man and wife between 1978 and 1983, when they separated due to domestic rows.