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Mututho threatens to expose officials who stole IDP cash

Monday December 26 2011

By FRANCIS MUREITHI [email protected]

The Nivasha Member of Parliament has put on notice Special Programmes ministry officials he accuses of stealing billions of shillings meant to resettle the displaced.

Mr John Mututho warned that if they did not return the money, he would reveal their names in Parliament when it resumes its sittings next year.

The House is expected to convene on or before February 27.

“I have the dossier and I’m ready to spill the beans because government officials are enjoying funds meant to help resettle internally displaced persons,” he said.

Mr Mututho claimed that over Sh9 billion in relief food and resettlement funds had been embezzled.

Water tight evidence

However, Mr Mututho, who said he had “water-tight evidence” to back his claims, could not produce documentary proof.

“Watch my lips next year and you will see who is fooling who in this matter,” he said.

“Some of these officials bought houses in London while others have built hotels and houses in posh areas in Nairobi,” the MP said.

He was speaking on Christmas Day when he donated food and two bulls to more than 3,700 IDPs whom he relocated from Gilgil in his constituency to Mumoi Farm in Rongai constituency.

“Those who stole relief food and money set aside to settle IDPs should from today know that their days are numbered and next year Kenyans will know the truth,” Mr Mututho said.

The controversial 5,000-acre farm was earmarked to be bought by the government, but the decision was reversed, prompting the MP to transport the IDPs to the farm.

Two directors of the farm, Mr Gichuru Gathuo and Mr Lawrence Gakuma, who accompanied Mr Mututho, said 200 members of Mumoi Farmers Company had approved the sale of the farm.

“We have even allowed the IDPs to move in and start work on their land as we wait for our cheque,” Mr Gakuma said.

However, Lands ministry has denied entering into a sale agreement with the farm owners and instead wants the IDPs to move to Wiyumiririe farm in Laikipia.

But Mr Mututho insisted the IDPs will not be moved, saying the land in Laikipia is not arable.

“Anybody saying they will move you to Wiyumiririe where you must have an earthmover to dig your graves is day-dreaming as you have already reached your Canaan,” the MP said.