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Sisters’ battle brothers over sale of land

Wednesday September 21 2011

By WANJIRU MACHARIA [email protected]

Eight sisters lost round one in a fight with their brother over the sale land when the court asked them to prove that IDPs had occupied the farm.

The High Court sitting in Nakuru declined to order a halt to the sub-division of 775 acres in Nakuru being prepared for internal refugees.

Rightful owners

The eight sisters and their widowed sister-in-law accused their brother of selling the land to the government without involving them.

Their lawyer, Mr Lawrence Karanja, said the nine women were the rightful owners of part of the land after the High Court allowed them to inherit it in 1997.

He said each of the sisters and the widow received 16.2-acres while their three brothers got 200 acres each from their late father.

The women are Ms Wangeci Mburu, Ms Winnie Muthoni, Ms Damaris Riri, Ms Ziporrah Waringa, Ms Mary Nyambura, Ms Harriet Wanjiku, Ms Irene Kanyi and Ms Loice Wanjiku.

Mr Karanja questioned how the government bought the entire land without involving his clients.

“The Attorney-General bought the entire land in circumstances that are still unclear to my clients who were only notified by a law firm to go collect Sh1.6 million,” Mr Karanja said.

He noted that the women’s constitutional rights were in danger of being violated.

However, Justice Wendoh said she had seen no clear proof that IDPs were occupying the land.

The judge said she needed evidence that there were displaced families on the land.

The women are accusing the settlement fund trustee and the AG of not going through the proper channels in buying the land for the resettlement of 260 internally displaced families.

They have also sued one of their brothers, Mr Phillip Kamau for allegedly colluding with the government to buy the land for an unspecified amount without involving them.

The nine want the court to cancel the transaction.

The hearing is on October 6.