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Nasa delays space shuttle’s final launch amid bad weather

Thursday November 4 2010

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, Thursday

NASA postponed until Friday the launch of shuttle Discovery due to bad weather, the latest in a series of delays for orbiter’s final scheduled flight to the International Space Station.

Heavy rain early today buffeted Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre where Discovery had already been rolled out to the launchpad after early glitches that postponed the launch three times earlier in the week were resolved.

“There is a no go for 24 hours because of the weather,” a spokesman at Kennedy Space Centre said. Launch is now set for 3:03 pm (1903 GMT) Friday, with weather forecasts showing a 60-per cent chance of favourable conditions, the US space agency said.

Mission experts had agreed on Thursday’s launch attempt after a close study of the latest electrical glitch found that a circuit-breaker was the origin of a cockpit problem, not the main engine controller which would have been more serious.

After three postponements to Discovery’s final flight before it is retired, NASA experts were eager to see it fly today. (AFP)