Facebook, Instagram outage hits parts of the world: reports

Wednesday October 11 2017

Internet social media giant Facebook. Prince has abruptly disappeared from social media after tentative efforts to promote his two new albums. PHOTO/AFP

Internet social media giant Facebook. Two of its apps have crashed, media reports say. PHOTO | AFP 

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Facebook and Instagram outage has reportedly hit some parts of the globe.

US and UK media on Wednesday reported that the two apps owned by Facebook had crashed in Brazil, Japan, India and parts of Europe.


Those who attempted to go onto the site were reportedly shown a blank page, with nothing loading.

According to The Independent, others reported that they could only load specific parts of the site or app.

“Some find the site working entirely normally until they try to post something, at which point it breaks down,” the UK media house reported.

Down Detector, an web service that offers real-time status and uptime monitoring for websites that go down and apps that fail to work, showed thousands of people complaining about the issues.

Facebook reportedly told some of the media outlets that it is aware of the problem.

It later confirmed on its developer page that it was experiencing  arise in “API (Application Programming Interface) errors".

The tech giant said it was investigating the problem.

Facebook has more than a billion users across the globe.