Thursday February 25 2016

THE BEST COFFEE: A way out the current coffee woes is to borrow a leaf from Ethiopia, where farmers consume half of what they produce, which is six times what is grown and harvested in Kenya, says Isaac Gichia.

Whereas it takes seven kilos of roasted coffee to make a cup of coffee, a farmer, he says, is only paid Sh5 for that coffee. But a cup of the same coffee costs more than Sh100.

“Why can’t we start consuming what we grow, which is one of the best coffees in the world?” His contact is [email protected]

exam certificates.

The order by the Ministry of Education to secondary school headteachers to release KCSE examination certificates withheld for students with fees arrears, following a directive by Deputy President William Ruto, is a sign of impunity that will just drive schools into big debts, says university don X.N. Iraki. The ministry, Iraki proposes, should pay the arrears.

“Such orders are also making parents irresponsible. Why should I pay fees if, eventually, I can get away with it?” His contact [email protected]


VOTER REGISTRATION: As it steps up its campaign to get more Kenyans to register as voters, the IEBC has no choice but to send out clear messages.

Francis G. Muhindi, acknowledging the commission’s recent colourful pull out on its mass voter registration, says the message was confusing.

“It asked, ‘Are you a registered voter? And proceeded to invite one to register at the nearest centre. It would have been better to say, ‘If you did not enrol to vote in the 2013 elections, register now!” His contact is [email protected]


BLATANT BRIBERY: Joginder Sokhi was at the JKIA, Nairobi, on January 8, to see off his children.

After dropping off his passengers and their luggage, he went looking for a parking and was surprised to be flagged down by a policeman wearing a GSU-type jacket, with a gun hanging from his shoulder.

He was accused of driving into a “no entry” gate and asked to cough up Sh10,000 or be detained and his car towed to the airport police station.

The officer later accepted Sh2,000 and let him go. In case the authorities are interested, his contact is [email protected]


BAD FOR THE STOMACH: And while driving on the Thika superhighway recently, Joginder had yet another harrowing encounter, this time with a traffic police officer.

He was signalled to move from the outer to the inner lane, where the officer was standing, and accused of speeding.

Though he was sure he had done nothing wrong, the officer demanded that he pay a cash bond of Sh10,000.

“After arguing with him, he let me go as he did not have any proof that I had been speeding. Such officers should be warned that this kind of money will one day spoil their stomachs.”


DIFFERENT TALENTS: Gospel singer David Chegerichman, noting that it is rare that people are gifted in everything, says that in music, there are some fellows who are good at singing but cannot write songs.

But when they get songs that are well-written by others, they do a pretty good job of singing them.

He is, therefore, exhorting these people to bring their different strengths together to forge the best product.

“Let’s shun selfishness and work together for mutual success.” His contact is [email protected]
Have a collaborative day, won’t you!