The Cutting Edge

Tuesday May 28 2013

REFUND MY MONEY. When Julius Mukungi applied for a top-up loan from the Cooperative Bank’s Kibera branch in Nairobi last October, some money had to be deducted and the deal sealed.

But in November, his employer remitted Sh89,290 for the previous loan, which his Ukulima branch staff assured him would be refunded.

But since then, he has sought the cash, to no avail, though it is in a suspense account. His contact is P.O. Box 43674 – 00100, Nairobi.


BUY GARBAGE TRUCKS. In almost every town he has visited, Moses Marta, who is now based in Siaya town, says, the first thing that always strikes him is an “ancient, rickety garbage collecting tractor driven by an equally old and possibly drunken person”.

He poses: “Aren’t there any younger men or women who can drive these machines?” He hopes governors will prioritise garbage collection, buy new refuse vehicles and give the job to younger people. “Keep our towns clean by first disposing of these irritating tractors.”


WHERE'S MY SMART CARD? Tuskys Supermarket customer LAM misplaced her smartcard and was issued with a temporary one, No 1003399, at their BebaBeba branch on Tom Mboya Street, in 2011.

She has since then followed up several times only to be told that the card is not ready, but on enquiring about her customer loyalty points, was shocked to learn that she had only 48.

“What happened to the points I earn whenever I shop?” asks LAM, declaring that she has “moved on to their competitor”.


AND MINE? Also having issues with his supermarket custody loyalty smartcard is Philip Olan’g, and the provider this time is Nakumatt.

Says Philip: “I have been following up on my smartcard replacement with Nakumatt Lifestyle in Nairobi since February. All I get are nursery school rhymes from the woman in-charge.” This, he claims, makes a mockery of the Nakumatt motto, ‘You need it, we have it’, which he says, should instead read, ‘You need it, Nakumatt doesn’t have it’.

His contact is [email protected]


GOVERNOR SPOT-ON. Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga has come up with an idea that Mwangi Kagunda really likes.

It is his declaration that no matter how qualified a person is for an executive post, he or she won’t get it without proof of a home in the county.

“This is brilliant, Governor Rasanga. Others should follow suit. Why should we hire people whose only claim to their counties is the reference in the national identity card? Get bona fide residents to run the counties.”


SMASH THIS RACKET. The racket of the youngish crooks who will brazenly walk up to a motorist stuck in the traffic jam around the Globe Cinema roundabout in broad daylight, pluck the side mirrors off the car and stroll away, is continuing, with traffic police often just watching, moans Anne Mbugua.

One is then forced into the nightmare of seeking a replacement, which when found is quite expensive. She says all she can do now is to pray for the thieves to reform, “and if they don’t, then God should call them”.

Have a prayerful day, won’t you!

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