The Cutting Edge

Wednesday January 2 2013

By The Watchman

Why omit Uhuruto? While commending Commission on the Administrative Justice chairman Otiende Amolo for releasing the names of people, including two MPs, whom they found not fit to hold public office, Onyango Alare Jaugenya says the announcement smacks of selective application of the law. “MPs Ferdinand Waititu and Mike Mbuvi were singled out, but there was no mention of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, both indicted by the ICC on crimes against humanity charges,” Onyango adds.


Muggers’ paradise. Can the authorities go to the rescue of the people of Mathare North’s Area 2 in Nairobi, who are often attacked by muggers as they leave home early to walk to work, mainly between 4am and 6am? urges Opondo Abuto. There have been numerous cases of pedestrians being stabbed by the robbers, but pleas to the local chief and the Administration Police officers at his camp have yielded nothing. Opondo hopes the PC will hear the victims’ cry and get the APs to do their work.


Advice for Diana. On the removal of the barriers on Mageta Road at Lavington, Nairobi, Florence Fergusson totally agrees with Diana D’Souza on the need to keep out intruders. However, she points out, Mageta Road and all other public roads must remain so. “Should we be allowed to put up gates on every road so that we’re not ‘exposed to grave danger’?” Diana, she advises, should consider moving to one of the new gated communities. The alternative is to hire private guards or “pray to God, who is the best security you could ever ask for.”


Airtel, this is robbery. Airtel and Mobile Kenya Ltd, the owners of a special code No. 5657, have been causing Eli Gitau sleepless nights with numerous text messages daily and yet he is not a Manchester United supporter, let alone a football fan. He has been receiving updates on the UK soccer team, sometimes up to 15 per game, and having a whole Sh5 docked from his airtime credit for a service he has never subscribed to. He has called at the Airtel customer care office in Nakuru twice, but all in vain. His contact is 0733399282 or [email protected]


It’s a mystery. Who is the mystery contractor who has been patching up the Kiserian/Isinya road that has been in a pathetic condition for a long time? asks Dufton Kanguru. The road increasingly looks like it is under repair. “But there is no contractor on site and the filling of the potholes has been done in a rather unsystematic way. There are patches at odd sections, leaving gaping potholes on the rest of the road. What’s really going on and who is this invisible contractor?”


Balance presidency. Whenever an appointment to any top public office is made these days, many Kenyans immediately get into overdrive analysing whether the choice satisfies the constitutional ethnic, regional or gender balance requirements, notes Moses Otieno. He is, therefore, surprised that the same alert Kenyans will not raise any objection when it comes to the presidency, “so that our sisters and brothers from other regions and gender can also get a taste of the top office in the land?”

Have a balanced day, won’t you!

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