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Supremacy wars should not target governors

Monday February 17 2014

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There is heightened tension in the political sphere since the ouster of Embu Governor Martin Wambora last Friday after he was impeached by the Senate for violating the law.

Some senators and members of the National Assembly have since upped the ante, threatening to rein in several other governors in what is beginning to look like a lynch mob rather than an effort to create order in the management of county affairs.

Both the Constitution and the County Governments Act have explicit provisions on the removal of governors from office. Underlying the provisos is the desire to create proper checks and balances to ensure that governors walk the straight and narrow as they execute their mandates.

However, the alacrity with which the Senators and MPs are condemning the governors smacks of bad blood and malice. The governors have been at loggerheads with the Senate and MPs over supremacy, itself a facile preoccupation given that each has a distinct role to play in the new governance structure.
Apparently, the Senators and the MPs have now found a way of fixing the governors; using the law to force them out of office. Clearly, this is worrisome and must be stopped because this is the surest way of dealing a deadly blow to devolution.

Of course, some governors have misbehaved, which explains why the public is unsympathetic when they are targeted. Such errant governors must face the law. Even then, not all governors should be subjected to ridicule and witch-hunt by political shenanigans or wheeler dealers out to settle scores.

Governors must be left to do their job without threats and intimidation. The converse is that they must act judiciously and prudently, avoiding those transgressions that make them the butt of ridicule and hate.