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Heed food security warning

Wednesday December 16 2015

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With almost 80 per cent of the population earning its livelihood directly from agriculture, the sector is too important to be taken for granted.

This is why policy makers must come up with recommendations to boost growth and productivity.

Any threats or obstacles that stand in the way must be tackled.

A warning by a policy think tank that the country’s food security could be severely undermined by confusion between the roles of the national and county governments is food for thought.

Egerton University’s Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development says a mix-up in the mandates of the two levels of government does not augur well for the country.

There is an urgent need to implement the fine ideas generated over the years. And there is no reason the coordination between the two levels cannot be enhanced.

The height of folly is to have an agricultural nation that cannot feed its people because of a disconnect between policy and practice.

The El Niño flood waters continue to flow to waste and the vast potential for irrigation has yet to be harnessed.

We cannot afford to pursue grandiose projects with unproven potential instead of implementing pragmatic plans that cut wastage and enhance productivity.