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Athletes let Kenya down

Sunday September 26 2010

The recent decision by some of our athletes to pull out of the Commonwealth Games at the last minute leaves Kenya’s team weak and vulnerable.

Though most have cited fatigue and injury after a long, tedious season as the reason for their withdrawal, the reality is that it underscores the low opinion many have of the games held after every four years.

Moreover, the move, which could have been prompted by the fact that the games do not come with hefty cash rewards, leaves Kenya with fewer participants since the registration deadline has expired.

However, those who have remained steadfast and focused on the games should draw inspiration and move on courageously.

In the end, it is the athletes’ participation that make a competition strong or weak.

Those who have pulled out because they do not regard the Club games as important must realise that in such championships, it is more important to represent your country than to win.

This is how strong bonds are made and friendships extended. For those who were called in late, it is their chance to prove their mettle.